5 New Year’s Resolution for your home

Every year a lot of us make lists and lists of resolutions, planning new starts and getting ready to take things in a new direction. And chances are, about a week into the new year, just like every year, a lot of us decide that it was all just too much trouble. Maybe it’s the number of changes we try to put on ourselves, or maybe it’s the feeling that we have to be constantly on ourselves about sticking with them. This year is going to be different. This year, take these five resolutions for your home that you’re going to want to keep.

Cook One New Thing Each Week

Everyone wants to eat healthier in the new year, but you should also try to eat more diverse foods. After all, variety is the spice of life. This year, choose an easy dinner recipe you’ve never tried before at least once a week.

Become a Plant Owner

Swing by the garden center after brunch this weekend. Just the presence of indoor plants can lower human stress levels, research shows, and one study found that actively caring for plants calmed the autonomic nervous system and lowered blood pressure

Delegate More Chores

Money can’t buy happiness — but it can buy time, which is the next best thing. A large study found that people who spent money on time-saving services, such as hiring help to get someone to clean out the garage, obtained greater life satisfaction and happiness than those who shelled out for material goods. If money is tight, take on the least favorite chore of a friend and have her do the same for you.

Keep Clutter out of the Kitchen

If you can hardly see your counters through all the papers, Post-its, and not-yet-put-away groceries, you may pay for that chaos on the scale. In one study, researchers found that when women were surrounded by clutter, they tended to eat more cookies — especially when stressed. Take 20 minutes to whisk it all where it belongs, and it can help you eat more mindfully in days to come.

Bring Home Flowers

You’ll be surprised at the impact that a range of fresh flowers can have on each and every room of your home. Compared to some of the other options, florals are among the least expensive makeovers you can bring to a space. Finding the right colors, heights and arrangements can really complement the existing decor in your rooms. And the right plants can do anything from cleaning the air to providing at-home aromatherapy to lift your mood or help you relax.